Tuesday, July 29, 2014

This couple walks into a bar...

A few days ago, my husband and I walked over to our neighborhood steakhouse to grab dinner at the bar.  The restaurant itself is a little stuffy and a lot overpriced, but the bar is exactly right.  The food is good, especially the bar-only items that are easily half the price of entrees in the main room. The wines by the glass are delicious. Plus, we can show up in our tennis shoes and be greeted with a gracious smile and a handshake by the gentleman bartender, as if we made his whole night by stopping in.

After the warm "Hello!" and genuinely pleased "Haven't seen you in a while!" he says:

"Hold on.  Have you lost weight?"


"Yep.  I could tell as soon as you walked in.  Lookin' good, man!*"


*  To be fair, my husband had picked up a nasty stomach bug on a business trip, so he was looking a little peaked.