The First Step - In which I kick off this project with a few hopeful words.

Week 1 - My Fitness Pals: In which I am floored by the support of my friends.

Week 2- Move It, Move It: In which I get my butt moving, but experience the devilment that is the  bakery detour

Week 3- Drowning Over Here: In which I discover that "Just add water" is a lot harder than it seems.

Week 4 - Gluten Infrequent: In which I decide to shun but not completely excommunicate gluten.

Week 5 - To Juice or Note to Juice: In which I revisit the fad for juice cleansing and decide it is a fad I am a fan of.

Week 6 - G'on Witcha Bad Self.  In which I lose a few battles of will with my inner eater.

 Week 7 - Pushmi-Pullyu.  In which I realize there is no fast way to the finish line.
 Week 8 - How Long Can You Tread Water?  In which I use a bunch of Bill Cosby comedy as an obvious metaphor for my lack of progress.
Week 9 - Progress.  In which I give three examples of why things have changed even when the scale says they haven't.

Week 16 - This couple walks into a bar. In which weight loss results become noticeable.  Just not my weight loss results.

Week 27 - The bearable heaviness of being.  In which I am sad but also attending the gym.

Week 29 - For the record, live tweeting does not burn calories.  In which I do a 5K!
Week 32 - Go the F$%*# to Sleep.  In which I don't.

Week 42 - Courage. In which the holidays do me in, almost to the point of giving up.

Week 48 - Going out swinging. In which a hike happens, with much less frightening results.