Wednesday, June 11, 2014


I weigh the same as I did last week and the week before*, but I have to say that I'm feeling a definite sense of progress nonetheless.

Reason #1:
We went to the movies Friday night. I caved in and split a container of that really good Arclight caramel corn with my husband.  It tasted like heaven...salty, sweet, buttery, almost-but-not-qute burnt, crispy at first and then melt-in-your mouth later.  This was literally the perfect taboo food, everything I'd been craving and denying myself for weeks, and I relished every single bite.

Image from Foodspotting

10 minutes later, I felt awful.  Not guilty-awful, but physically ill.  The overload of sugar, which would previously have been a non-event, was getting a resounding "Ugh!" from my newly junk-food averse stomach.  Shortly after that, a nasty headache took hold, and I was miserable in the dark for two hours.


Reason #2:
I was sitting in the bathroom late one night before bed (TMI, but there is a point here, I promise!).  After losing yet another round of Level 245 on Candy Crush, I lifted up the iPad, looked down at my leg and freaked out. There was a big old dent in it!  The leg didn't look bruised, but clearly I'd been resting my elbows on it too hard or something.  Cautiously, I poked at it and discovered the hollow was caused by a muscle I'd never seen rising gently all by itself beneath the skin.  Skeptically, I checked my other leg, and damned if that leg didn't have a muscle-dent in it, too.


Reason #3:
My son graduated from high school on Monday, the day I weighed myself for this post.  I'd truly been hoping to have crossed the 10 pound mark in time for the ceremony, so that I might avoid appearing in the pictures in my "forgiving dress" that stretches generously around various bulges.  No such luck.  Out came the dress, and I sighed as I pulled it down over my head.  I looked in the mirror, and was deflated immediately by the familiar sight.  But then I realized the dress wasn't actually stretching over any bulges (other than the boobs, which are supposed to bulge).  In fact, there was (a little!) air in there for a change.  How about that?  So, even though I still appear to be in the late stages of pregnancy in every picture, I can chalk it up, in part, to my somewhat loose-fitting tent.


In celebration of this milestone (my son's commencement, not my breakthrough with the stretch dress), we leave tomorrow for a family adventure in far away places, and I'll be away from the scale for two and a half weeks.  I'll be taking my discerning tummy and my unexpectedly sturdy legs with me, so it's sure to be an incredible trip.

Back here on June 30 with a full report!

* I actually lost half a stone this week, but with rounding, we're still at 9.
** Painful progress.  Both because my head really hurt, and because I truly love that caramel corn and will really miss it.  Hoping I can negotiate a truce with my tummy and just have a bite every now and then.